About Us

The Founder and CEO

Patrick Noel Daly has been building products, technologies and businesses for over 20 years, particularly in medical devices and healthcare, sleep technologies, aerospace , but with involvement in many other sectors also. Patrick Noel travels the world to help businesses and companies to fill a gap in their range and, to drive new sales. Patrick Noel is very much at the front of everything we do with a dedicated level of commitment to each and every project.



Icon Global Innovations is led by Patrick Noel Daly, a Serial Entrepreneur and Product Inventor. He was Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Ireland in 1999. Patrick has built 4 startups over 20+ years. He has also invented multiple products in IT, Medical, Consumer and other sectors. Patrick writes his own patents and has generated a stable of IP which he licenses to companies around the world on a win/win basis.

Sometimes Patrick is the only advisor from our team to work with you and your company. Patrick loves to build products and businesses. He says it as he sees it! Straight down the line advice. Patrick is an advisor to startup businesses and to investors behind those startups. He also co-develops products in partnership with global corporations. In summary, Patrick loves to help businesses of all sizes to succeed and to win.

Call Patrick for a confidential dicsussion on 001-747-2311-535 or email directly on pndinnovate@protonmail.com and see how he can help you!